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Fashion / Style :: Things To Remember While Shopping For Silk Sarees Online

The best wear of an Indian woman is a saree. Nothing like this 14 yard long cloth colorful and available in various fabrics, hues and prints, the pride of the Indian women, but it has got a charm which makes any woman clad in a sari appear elegant and beautiful. India is the land to buy sarees. Every region has its own specialty and they are named after them. For example, Taant is the produce of West Bengal, while bandhi prints are the glories of Gujarat, South India is world famous for its traditional sarees like Kanjeevaram sarees, Kanchipuram sarees and South silk, while Benares is the birth place of the famous Banarasi sarees which make for perfect bridal apparel. Other varieties available consist of handloom silk sarees, butter silk sarees, Mysore silk sarees, etc.

Silk sarees make for the best and most buys among Indian sarees. Ranging from a few hundred rupees, a good silk saree can cost you a lot. But they are worth the buy and the variety available at hand is huge. Their demand can be justified as they are easy to carry, light and help in free movement. The softness and crispness assure better quality. Another reason that adds to their popularity is their suitability to all occasions. If you are looking for best deals on fine jewellery visit Voltaire Diamonds website. You'll find out more about their huge offer of diamond rings


15 Harcourt Street,

Dublin 2,

Ph: (+353) 1 4794220

Voltaire Diamonds is leading UK and Ireland diamond dealer. While jamdani silk saree, pure silk bridal wear, ethnic kanchipuram saree make for purely traditional wear, the art silk sarees, printed silk sarees, khadi silk sarees and kora silk make for more fashionable Indian silk sarees.

If you are a visitor to India and you want something lovely and memorable to take back home as a souvenir, then a traditional or fashionable silk saree is worth a buy. Sarees boast of a long life and for every Indian woman, their first worn saree is as precious as their wedding brocade dresses. Shops selling sarees can be found a plenty in India where you can sit and look through the collection. Even if all doesn't promise to be good and time is an issue for you, then you can definitely opt for the various online sites that sell silk sarees.

Online shopping had many advantages and this has led the dealers in silk sarees as well as sarees of other make to venture out for online sites. In this way they can reach out to a wider population and within little time. A great promotional medium, it is cost effective but fetches customers and profitable results. For the consumer too it's a healthy choice as they have better bargaining power, a wider range to select and save time and money.

On the contrary, it has its disadvantages too and there are certain things to remember while shopping for silk sarees online. They are:

o Check whether the site you are buying the silk saree from is authentic. Verify their contact details and addresses.

o Make sure that the silk sarees the sites are featuring are ethnic. Gather news from other consumers who have already purchased from there.

o Calculate your cost that you have to pay. Make sure that the silk saree that you are buying online is worth the money and you are not incurring any loss.

o Enquire about their mode of payment and privacy details before giving your payment information.

o Ask them about any sample before purchasing the saree to ensure the quality.

o Go through the user reviews and try to establish a direct contact with the seller before buying a saree.

o Choose a fabric and saree keeping in mind the occasion and suitability according to your physical appearance.

o Women who are on the broader side should opt for chiffon or georgette silk sarees available online while those who are lean should choose heavier fabrics.

o Women who are shorter in size look best with short bordered sarees. The ones with huge and narrow borders seem to diminish their stature.

o It is better not to base your choices on the photos available online. Ask for printed versions or a larger view for a better look. At the same time, choose colors that go well with your complexion.

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The most powerful Holocaust film you’ve never seen is this lost Hitchcock documentary – Quartz

For someone who was born more than four decades after the Holocaust, I have seen my share of horrifying, gut-wrenching, and heart-breaking footage from or about Nazi concentration camps. I've watched these documentaries and propaganda films in class, at the US Holocaust Museum, at Yad Vashem in Israel, at the Berlin Jewish Museum, and at several locations in Poland. I've worked on a film that describes the atrocities--in fact, I spent half of my life in Warsaw, where the memory of World War II lingers to this day. But I have never been as affected by any film as I was by the "German Concentration Camps Factual Survey," a propaganda picture made in 1945, and shelved for 70 years.

The footage was recently restored by the Imperial War Museum in London, and had its New York premiere last week at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

The film's camera confronts the face of death like nothing I've ever seen, showing the hollowed out cheeks of a woman ravaged by hunger and sickness, the open mouth of a man drawing his last breath, the glassy, empty eyes of emaciated corpses, sprawled across the grounds of the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. Like other propaganda, the film provides damning evidence of Nazi atrocities, but unlike most of its contemporaries, "Factual Survey" also offers a message that transcends its time--the resilience of the human spirit even in the midst of utter devastation.

In long, silent shots Allied soldiers force Nazi SS officers to carry the bodies of those they have starved or killed, tossing them onto trucks or into pits like matchstick dolls. On the sidelines, local German dignitaries bear witness to the scale of the tragedy, staring fixedly at their shoes. The scenes last minutes, but they feel like an eternity.

The long, panning shots are in large part courtesy of Alfred Hitchcock, already a famous Hollywood director in 1945, who worked on the film as an advisor. He wanted to ensure no one could accuse the filmmakers of manipulating the footage. Hitchcock was invited to help by the film's producer Sidney Bernstein, a personal friend, who had been working on the orders of the British Ministry of Information.

The film focuses on the devastation the liberators found at Bergen Belsen, but also includes Dachau, Buchenwald, Majdanek, and Auschwitz. Bernstein and his editors stitched together footage taken by military cameramen from the British, American and Soviet armies as they freed the camps, one by one.

Besides the wide panning, Hitchcock's influence can be seen in the film's depiction of how close the camps were to population centers. He suggested including simple maps in the film, or, for instance, contrasting images of withered prisoners in a camp in the Austrian mountains with an off-duty soldier having a romantic rendez-vous nearby, in an idyllic lakeside scene.

Interestingly, while some of footage would be used in other films, the "Factual Survey" was never shown to the wartime public. Teaching the defeated Germans a lesson was not on the list of the British government's priorities, lost in the post-war push to rebuild the German state in the looming shadow of the Cold War.

The Americans, on the other hand, were impatient at the slow pace of the film's production, and commissioned Hollywood director Billy Wilder to make a US version to show the Germans: the 20-minute "Death Mills."

Though it uses some of the same film reels, "Death Mills" emphasizes a message of death and destruction, whereas "German Concentration Camps Factual Survey" poignantly, almost quietly, portrays the power of human resilience. Bernstein and his team seamlessly transition from close-ups of corpses to close-ups of women meticulously scrubbing their bodies under hot showers brought by the liberators. One of the most moving moments of the film is a scene showing a tiny baby born at the camp, wriggling on a hospital bed. "Factual Survey," describes how quickly the prisoners learned how to become human again.

"It feels as if the whole human story is there," says Raye Farr, a former director of the permanent exhibition at the US Holocaust Museum who was interviewed in "Night Will Fall," a 2014 HBO documentary about the making of "German Concentration Camps Factual Survey." Just as much as the film is about death, it's about life as well.

But there is something crucial missing in the account that "German Concentration Camps Factual Survey" gives of the Holocaust. The voiceover enumerates all the different nationalities and religions in the camps, mentioning Jews several times, but it gives no specifics about their systematic extermination. It focuses on the universal, rather than specific tragedy.

This glaring absence is not necessarily surprising, however, given the prevailing attitudes. At the time, the fate of Europe's Jews was still seen as an "embarrassment to the Allies," as Richard Cohen puts it. Britain also had to deal with burgeoning Jewish demands for a state of their own in Palestine, and releasing a film emphasizing the true extent of the Nazi's efforts might increase unwanted pressure on the British government.

This, along with other inaccuracies in the film, including a gross exaggeration of the number of people killed at Auschwitz, are some of the reasons the Imperial War Museum is hesitant to distribute the film widely.

This is understandable, but it would be a shame and a missed opportunity if the film was lost to history. More relevant today than the typical propaganda picture, "Factual Survey" puts faces to statistics of the victims, but it also gives us a glimpse into the dynamics of survival even as fewer and fewer of those who lived through the camps are around to tell their stories.

And then, there's the film's enduring lesson.

"People are still doing this to other people around the world, whether it's Myanmar, Iraq, or Africa," said David Bernstein, Sidney's son, during a panel discussion at the film's screening. "This is part of our humanity," he explained. If you are looking for best deals on fine jewellery visit Voltaire Diamonds website. You'll find out more about their huge offer of gold diamond rings


15 Harcourt Street,

Dublin 2,

Ph: (+353) 1 4794220

Voltaire Diamonds is leading UK and Ireland diamond dealer. Decades later, the elder Bernstein's message still rings true: "Unless the world learns the lesson these pictures teach, night will fall."

We welcome your comments at

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Tips to Choose the Perfect Bridal Sets For Your Fiancee

With the passes of your time, all things have changed including taste of your companion. There was time when we were like to make use of golden and silver. Now the concept is different the ones like to put on diamond, platinum and white gold as opposed to outdated and out modern jewellery like golden and silver. Benefits of diamond and platinum is the fact that these metal give aesthetic and artistic turn to you that is reason most of your companion especially budding generation love to put on diamond and diamond rings.

If you want to avoid a hurried buying and confusion inside a jeweler's shop, go there using a proper budget. The budget will let you create a restricted choice and you will directly ask the jeweler to tell you asolely those rings that fall with your buying reach and budget. This will let you buy an easily affordable ring of your liking. Moreover, you simply won't wind up paying more cash through debit card than first you planned to spend.

If you intend to obtain solitaire diamond engagement rings from physical store, then usually do not expect much cut in the through the cost mentioned within the tags. The store has high overhead expenses to meet up with. So, you may bargain only up to and including limit. Since these rings cost a lot, persistent bargaining most likely are not of great importance and use and prices should be from your reach.

The designer and internet-based jewelers are turning a lot more towards unusual metals and also this makes gold easily reachable. However the alloy remains to be relatively rare. Usually many custom rings are designed with rose gold and independent jewelers are more inclined to offer these jewelers versus the ordinary ones. There is an additional substitute for investigate for antique rings specifically those that are occur a skill deco style. During the art deco period, the rose gold wedding rings were common as this look made extravagant using metals and bold colors.

Another hottest choice in diamond rings is diamond engagement rings nowadays. But it is popular only from the upper class people because diamond rings are costly in comparison with other engagement rings. And generally the buying price of diamonds depends upon carat, clarity, cut and color. And if you are struggling to afford diamonds then you can certainly buy emerald, sapphire and ruby. These are best choices to diamond.

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They Say Nothing Is As Good As Gold

When it comes to staircases, the most obvious flooring choices tiles. While many might consider hardwood rather, the 1st still continues to be hottest and versatile paving solution around. Plus, skin the decisive attributes of being an easy task to install, very easy to maintain and intensely beautiful. In a world where architecture and interior decoration is continually bringing new things, tiles were, are and may be deemed as both modern and classic.

Small gold bars are what a lot of people buy to supply as gifts to family and friends. These 1 gram gold bars are definitely more popular than acquiring the same weight gold coins. One factor would be the mark up, as the price difference between single gram gold bar and also a similarly weighted money is usually as up to $40 an oz.


With time, you are creating high returns about the investments made on these. This is very distinctive from the stock exchange. Acquisition time period of the premium gold bars is generally lengthy. The smaller premium bars you can obtain them in a couple weeks though the large pieces take a lot longer a quantity of eight weeks.

For a long time in this history only royal faces had the authority to adorn themselves with jewels crafted from it, you can eat from plates along with such precious cutlery. The rest in the world analyzed for them intrigued by the thought that we were holding direct descendants on the gods they worshiped. You could also realize its in temples as statues, statue coating or as different objects found in rituals. All the shine along with the glory in the rulers were enhanced because of the golden accessories they used by them and often because of their horses.

There are many strategies to purchasing gold. You can buy jewelry, coins, bars, bullion or stocks. Buying stocks within a mine might be more risky than buying gold bullion or coins; you'll never be sure the amount of gold can nonetheless be found inside a mine. More Reading Categories: buy krugerrands or buy silverThe price of the valuable metal also fluctuates, in accordance with supply, demand and speculation. But since it features a steady demand, gold is very much one of the better investments in unsure times. Investors also agree upon the belief that the risks associated to mining are less important as opposed to present fluctuations in the stock trading game.

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How Analysts Expect the Gold Price to Perform in 2010

The powerful loan companies, national reserves, the top boys rolling the bundles, larger and smaller investors and natural persons alike find gold assets a growing number of necessary. With the sudden drop of paper money as well as the stumbling of lines of industry and business overall, this world-old glittering metal is extensively promoted because soundest investment and ultimate hedge against any economic, political, and social shifting, whether downwards or upwards. Hence, worldwide reputable specialists herald the possible return of gold since the official authentic currency on the globe.

This complete failure on the planet led the founders of IMF to arrange an appearance that's the legal right to oversee the International Monetary System. This system has the ability to lend money to countries to assist them to overcome their debt; they facilitate countries by helping their citizens to get products or services from one another and also by exporting them. The one body makes sure that the countries are managing their fx rates effectively, and as well encourages its members to complete away with exchange rate restrictions that obstruct international trade.

The quality of gold is measured in karats regarding purity. The purest gold is just not durable and it's also alloyed with inferior elements to boost its strength and change its color. Karats represent just how much pure would be the gold. The 24 karat gold is one hundred pc pure, the 18 karat is 75 percent gold and 14 karat contains 58 percent gold. The higher karat could be the purest and also the most high-priced.

Another a breeze solution to buy gold is with the assistance of a corporation focused on gold trading. Their services can be obtained even over the Internet. Anyone with a bank card can perform it after previously registering your free account for the company's website. This is among the best methods available, because it offers many perks: first, the gold bullion sold are allocated gold, meaning once one will pay for it, the gold becomes the physical property from the buyer. The second advantage is that their a trading company provides the know-how and logistics necessary to guarantee the safety in the investment and protection against risks. Finally, gold trading companies may immediately transform your time and money directly into cash when the client needs it.

If gold sovereign coins are stored on your brain you then ought to know that everybody can be found in various sizes. The Queen Elizabeth II (QEII ) Gold Sovereign Coin contains 7.3224 grams of actual gold that is 0.2354 troy ounces. It is made from 22 carat gold and that is 91.67% pure. It weighs 7.9881 grams in fact it is 1.52 mm thick. The Queen Elizabeth II Decimal sovereign money is really a classic collector's piece in the official royal mint production line after 1971. It weighs 7.3224 grams of actual gold that is 0.2354 troy ounces in fact it is constructed from 22 carat gold with 91.67% purity. Its weight is of 7.9881 grams using a thickness of a single.52 mm. The Queen Elizabeth II pre-decimal sovereign silver coin comes in the official royal mint production line before 1971 and it's your third option in terms of paying for gold coins.

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